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Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

The drastic changes in our economy through liberalization, globalization and integration have delivered unimaginable opportunities towards growth and prosperity. With the amazing growth of internet and its services has brought a breakthrough in the Indian technology, enterprise and creativity. With outstanding changes in the everyday life of humans there is a necessity to revolutionize all the conventional methods in order to establish and manage a successful business in a competitive environment. Highly crucial role is lead by today's managers to understand the necessity of the changes and to establish them intelligently. The business tactics and technology rapidly undergoes transformation everyday and hence it is the utmost duty of a smart and successful manager to meet all those challenges.

With all these rapid changes, there comes a need for every management college to tune their students in order to make them easily adapt to this competitive environment, once they finish their course. Aryans Group stands up to their expectations in delivering highly potent and eminent personalities as managers in this highly competitive ambience. Aryans Group of Colleges is one of the appropriate colleges for the aspirants looking for PGDM course. This course helps to develop specialists in Marketing, HR, finance, IT, etc. to meet the challenges in rapidly globalizing network economy. The department of PGDM at Aryans Group of Colleges is a 4 semester regular program with two years academic duration. It is one of the Best PGDM College in Jammu and Kashmir, Chandigarh, Bihar and Punjab. The curriculum is designed to provide knowledge of the core management concepts and different techniques which are upgraded to advanced knowledge and management skills. This course provides students to develop their knowledge and help them to manage complex and established enterprises.

The PGDM program has been designed and developed with a perfect blend of conventional and contemporary knowledge in order to inoculate the highly essential knowledge in a meaningful manner. The course is delivered to students not only be well trained institute professors but also by eminent faculties from renowned industries. The moment a student steps into Aryans, he or she will be treated as budding manager and make sure that they sharp their managerial skills to topmost level. They also ensure that they are well recognized in prominent industry and business. The department produces professional managers to work in a responsible position in the global environment. It has various specializations such as marketing, human resource, finance, Information Technology and analysis to different operational management.

Aryans Group has taken all the initiatives to deliver a perfect blend of up to date management knowledge along with developing soft skills and managerial skills. They constantly review and revise their course curriculum in order to keep up their pace with outside revolutionary environment. Our management programme provides technical and analytical approach to create a leadership mindset that can make a high quality business decisions in any situation. The duration of two years include four semester in which three semester is a regular classroom whereas 4th semester is training with 6 months of industry exposure through an evaluative internship.

The department aims to be one of the best PGDM institute to produce fine management professionals to make high quality business decision.

  • To promote and train student careers in the field of management and Business administration.
  • To produce high caliber business leaders that are prepared with necessary management skills.
  • To bring up excellence by providing quality education in business administration.
  • To explore new functional areas of management through research.

  • 50% marks in graduation
  • 2 years (4 semesters)
  • Last semester having the industrial exposure.