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    Aryans Group of Colleges organizes 11th Athletic Meet at Campus

    Sh. Balbir Singh Senior, Triple Olympic gold medalist today inaugurated 11th Athletic Meet as the Chief Guest of Aryans held at Aryans Group of Colleges, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh. Students of various courses like B.Tech, MBA, LL.B, BA-LL.B, BBA, BCA, B.Ed, BA, GNM, ANM, B.Sc (Agri), MA (Edu), Diploma etc participated in this Athletic Meet. Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group presided over the function.

    “I am overwhelmed by the untiring efforts from the students, Staff & Management of Aryans Group for their efforts to promote games and sports in the college.” S. Balbir further told them that the only way to succeed is through hard work, determination and discipline.

    Balbir Singh further shared about his challenging life moments & opportunities and motivated the students to realize their dreams of representing the country. “Sports plays a huge role in the development of youth and my advice to the youth is to pursue sports with passion and intelligence” Sr. Balbir Singh added.

    Dr. Anshu Kataria while speaking on the occasion congratulated all the participating students. Kataria said that sports contribute an important role in development of overall personality of a student. Citing the example of various eminent sports personalities, he encouraged the students to adopt sports as profession too.

    The whole event was divided into three parts- Indoor Games, Outdoor Games and Fun Games. The Outdoor Games included 100 m and 200 m Races, Volleyball, Football, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Long Jump, High Jump, Javelin Throw, Discuss Throw etc. The Indoor Games included Chess Carom Board and Badminton. The Fun Games included 3 Legged Race, Tug of War, Sack Race, Eating Noodles, Finding Balls in Mud, Potato Race and Fun Cricket.

    Final Results

    Chess-1st – Aniket Jogdand (ECE VI sem), 2nd – Himanshu Arya (Poly CSE IV), Carom board Doubles (Boys)- 1st –Wasib(CE II), Amir(CE IV), 2nd –Ishfaq Nisar ( CE VII), Sheikh Sameer (CE II), Carom Board Singles (Boys)-1st –Amanpreet Singh(BA-LLB II), 2nd –Anzum Nasir (CE VI), 3-Leg Race- 1st –Ghias Ahmad (CE II)& Mohd. Ashraf(CE VI), 2nd – Navjoth Singh (EE VI)& Sandeep Singh (BA-LL.B II), Lemon Race(Girls)- 1st –Komal(GNM III), 2nd – Tejinder Kaur(BA VI),Lemon Race(Boys)- 1st -Mohd. Ashraf(CE VI), 2nd – Mohit (EE-III), Eating Noodles- 1st –Mohd. Ashraf (CE VI), 2nd -Mohit (EEE II).

    Race (200 m, Girls)-1st-Sheetal (B.Sc Agri II), Race (200 m, Boys)- 1st - Idrees Mohiuddin (MBA IV), 2nd- Deepak (Poly CE II), Race (100 m, Boys)- 1st-Idrees Mohiuddin (MBA 4th),2nd- Majid Hamid Sheikh, Race (100 m, Girls)- 1st-Ramanpreet Kaur(6th), 2nd- Afsana (B.Ed- 4th sem), Discuss Throw- Sandeep Singh-BCA-2nd Sem, Javelin Throw-Imran Rashid-BBA-2nd Sem, Finding Ball in Mud- Afsana-B.Ed-4th Sem, Salman Nazir-BA-LL.B-4th Sem, High Jump- Rupesh Kumar-B.Tech ME-6th Sem, Mubashir Shafi-BCA-2nd Sem, Long Jump (Boys)-Charanjit Singh-BA-2nd Sem, Akshay- B.Tech CSE-2nd Sem; Long Jump (Girls)-Ramanpreet Kaur-BCA-6th Sem, Renu-BA-LL.B-4th Sem, Sack Race (Boys)-Umer Farooq-B.Tech EE-2nd Sem,Anand Jha-B.Tech CSE-2nd Sem;Sack Race Girls-Afsana-B.Ed - 4th Sem,Nausheen-BBA-6th Sem.

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